Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Botanical Gardens

I have already scrapped a page similar to this one, But thought I better do one for each of my kids albums. So here is my second version using the same photos.
I actually started this one some time ago and finally managed to get it finished last weekend, this is when I love boys weekends, plenty of time for me to scrap relatively uninterrupted 

I love the size of these photos it enables me to fit lots of photos on a page.

The writing was created with my lovely Cricut Imagine,  what did I do before I had one I ask?

Sorry that the page is not to clear I had to take it with my phone, as I am having trouble getting photos of my camera card. I am hoping to have this rectified soon so I can take clearer shots, But at least you get an idea of the page layout once the side section is flipped out.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teachers Christmas Present

This was a present I made for LeSheas teacher  last year, It has taken me a while to showcase it due to  computer problems but as you can see it is all sorted.

I decorated the box to hold the little booklet.

The booklet had twelve pockets with a message in each one.

As you can see each pocket held a present style message,  counting from the first to the twelfth day of Christmas, stating what the teacher had given LeShea.

The Twelfth day stated what LeShea had given her teacher.

I really enjoyed making this and giving my Cricut Imagine a work out and  Le Shea's teacher really appreciated  a personal present.

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