Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Cards for a good cause.

Mum can you make some cards for our 'Relay for Life' Stall ask's my daughter.
Sure say's I, Is anyone else making them.
No! they are not as Arty Farty as you.

Now I know that the statement is not true, well about me being the only Arty Farty mum at my kids school.
and that the point does not really come into the argument anyway.

We have a cause to raise money for so off to work I went.

And these are the results.

Now as most of my Arty Farty friends know as a rule I don't do Christmas cards.

 I have been known to have them all ready and they don't make the letter box.
 So I have given up.
 I love the new thinlets from Stampin Up!
 Even the negative comes in handy 

I thought I would do some gift tags as well while I                                                                                 was at it.

 It's a great way to use up your scrappy bits.
     ( Susan D you should be proud of me)

So not too shabby for someone who normally fails at this task.

Just my little bit to help raise some money for such a worthy cause


Qick and Easy Card

I needed to make a card rather quickly and I left it to the last minute yet again. 
This is what I managed to produce, the little card of the tea cup is from Typo, they have the best little tins of cards and I am slightly addicted. 
I used my Big Shot to emboss the backing piece and the stripey paper is from The Thrift Shop collection.
Add a little bit of ribbon and voila.
I am quite happy with the result I just hope the intended recipient feels the same.